From large to small companies performance is a combination of multiple factors.

It’s the people’s character and competence, together with daily application of integrity and intent, that drive organization to excellent results.

Excellent results can only be achieved through continuous improvement extended to all levels of organization.

Business models are constantly changing and adapting to the opportunities and requirements set by markets.

Dynamic definition of vision and horizons have to be consolidated with both solid basics competence and disruptive innovation at the same time.


Exagon supports you with senior experts, acting during transitions to empower your team to successfully manage the change.

Experts quickly respond with leadership to challenging situations.

Global enterprise approach and knowledge of the company’s organization allow Exagon to propose the solution to specific issues.

Fluid expertise and experience are seamlessly transmitted to your team in order to achieve perfect integration and skills to complement your own.

Business Model

Cost effective vs. traditional approach

Tailored teams and solutions

International experience

Networking consulting

Specialty experts

Seasoned independent experts


Services we offer


Alberto Morelli - FOUNDER & PARTNER

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering
Automotive Specialisation

Alberto has covered different industrial roles, through the entire industrial value chain, from R&D to Purchasing, from Logistics to Manufacturing, from Product Development to Quality.

He was involved in Business Development projects, related to M&A and evaluations of industrial sites.

Giovanni Turone - FOUNDER & PARTNER

Graduated in Aeronautical Engineering
Master In Business Administration & Automation

Giovanni has covered different roles in various industry sectors with international locations and responsibilities  in Automotive and Transportation, Airport Business, White goods, Food & Pharma

He was involved in Business Development projects, related to M&A and evaluations of industrial sites.

Giancarlo Ingenito - EXECUTIVE PARTNER

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Started at manufacturing and project management level, later developed into sales management responsibilities up to management board level.

Giancarlo has managed, as Interim Manager and Consultant, different projects in Sales Excellence, Lean Production, International Teams Development and Coaching, Turnaround, Generational shift support.